iOS Recipe App is Swift based application for recipes or any other similar content. The content of the app is controlled via simple .xml file, where you have all of the recipes. You have the option to choose between local or external (web hosted) .xml file. The app has nice user interface and smooth transitions between the screens. You can organize your recipes into categories, which are accessible both from the Home screen and the Left Sliding Menu. In addition each user can create his/her own Favorites category.

The app has integration with iAd and there are several additional features like search, origin filter and share.

The good news is that all of our customers that are using our Android version of the app, could use the iOS version with the same .xml file. So if you have already filled all of your recipes within the .xml file that you are using with the Android version, you can easily reuse it with the iOS one.


  • Full control over the content via simple .xml file;
  • Left sliding menu with recipe’s categories;
  • Share;
  • iAd – Apple’s advertising platform;
  • Splash screen;
  • Transitions between all screens;
  • Every user can build his/her own Favorites category;
  • Easy customization;
  • Detailed documentation;
  • Dedicated support team;

iOS Recipe App

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