This application is based on the 90 Day Diet. The main idea of the diet is the selective/separate eating, which means not mixing different kind of food (proteins, starches, carbohydrates and fruits).The 90 Day Diet managed to convince people that metabolism is very important part of our health and controlling the body weight. Improper metabolism is a major cause of weight loss or excessive weight gain.

On of the main advantages of the 90 Day Diet is that it changes your metabolism in direction, where you can get rid of overweight and also you will be able to control your weight at desired level.

In addition the 90 day Diet is extremely beneficial for people with high blood pressure. If you follow this diet you will find out that in fact its meals contain all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Accompanied by slight exercises, the 90 Day Diet can radically change you life for better.

The 90 Day Diet mobile application is designed to assist you during the diet.

90 Day Diet features:

  • Ability to create a flexible schedule for the diet – start it today, start it in the future or if you have already started it you can pick up your start date without problems.
  • Detailed information about every single day – what exactly you can eat and recommended sample meals.
  • Statistics – how many days you’ve passed, how many kilograms you’ve been when you started the diet and how many you are now.

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