is shutting down their cloud services

Today, we have been notified by email that is shutting down.

We have a difficult announcement to make. Beginning today we’re winding down the Parse service, and Parse will be fully retired after a year-long period ending on January 28, 2017.

Because of this fact, we took hard decision to remove our Multipurpose Creative Store apps for Android and iOS from, because they are closely integrated with It hasn’t been an easy decision, but we did it in order to avoid any misleading to our future buyers. shutting down will partially affect three additional apps and more specifically their Push Notifications feature. Here is the list of partially affected apps:

We want to keep everyone informed, that’s why we’ve added [ ! ] Important Notice section to each of the products. This way, all future customers will be aware that for some period of time, Push Notifications feature won’t be available – rest will work fine.

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