Our next project, Flat News for Android, is almost ready

It’s time to reveal, a little bit information about our next project. It will be released under the name “Flat News for Android” and it will expand our portfolio to 21 items – it’s not that bad, right? Since we’ve realized that most of the users out there are looking for news applications, integrated with WordPress, we’ve decided to provide another option to our potential customers with “Flat News for Android”.

It will function, like the other apps that we have currently on the market – WordPress News App and Magazine, Blog, News App for Android. In other words, we will stick again to JSON as data source, but we will try to provide different layout and design and we hope everyone can find best fit for the specific brand that you want to expose to the mobile market. As always, we will give the possibility to customize the product easily and to choose between several color schemas.

Stay tuned for more information…

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