Our next product is fact – Multipurpose Creative Store for Android

It took us a lot of work in terms of design and development, but it’s ready and already available on CodeCanyon.net

We believe this is the most sophisticated app we’ve ever built, because it includes not only an Android app, but Administration Panel as well. We’ve tried to close the cycle and to provide end-to-end solution, where you can manage everything without complex procedures or endless obstacles in terms of set up.

And here it is, Multipurpose Creative Store. It is a native app for Android, which comes with easy to use Admin Panel, which will allow you to maintain all of the data (products) directly in your browser.

The administration of the data can be done locally and there is no need upload the admin system to a web server – this is very good option for inexperienced customers.

The app comes along with detailed documentation, which will guide you throughout the process of setting up everything – from the Admin panel to the Android app. Video tutorials are available as well.

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