New Product: SMS Scheduler for Android

SMS Scheduler for Android will help you to schedule SMS in several simple steps. This way you will never forget to greet your friends for birthday or for any other occasion. SMS Scheduler is inspired by the latest trends in Material Design and everything within the app happens with meaning. The app has AdMob integrated for monetizing.

New Product: Restaurant App with Push Notifications

Restaurant App with Push Notifications is for Android and it will help you out to extend your business with one nice looking application. This app will allow you to send promotional messages to each user that has installed the app. The product comes with two built-in themes (light and dark) and you can easily switch between them. Generally the app has 5 main screens: Home, Book a Table, Menu, Location and About. All of those will allow you to present your restaurant with every information that you need. The best... Read The Rest →

New Product: iOS Recipe App

It’s time to say it loud: twenty five. Our next product has been approved and is available at iOS Recipe App is Swift based application for recipes or any other similar content. The content of the app is controlled via simple .xml file, where you have all of the recipes. You have the option to choose between local or external (web hosted) .xml file. The app has nice user interface and smooth transitions between the screens. You can organize your recipes into categories, which are accessible both from the... Read The Rest →

New Product: Mobile Shop with Push Notifications

24! That’s the number of our next product at called “Mobile Shop with Push Notifications”. It is full application for Android and is inspired by Material Design language developed by Google, combining a clear and consistent look. Everything within the app is happening with “meaning”: selecting and exploring categories and products, adding products to the shopping cart, searching, etc. Mobile Shop with Push Notifications will help you to extend your e-shop with a mobile application and all of your customers can make orders directly from their Android based phones. There is a... Read The Rest →

New Product: Material News

Our next product Material News is finished and it just got approval from CodeCanyon. This application is inspired by Material Design language developed by Google, combining a clear and consistent look. Everything within the app is happening with “meaning”: selecting and reading an article, sharing, choosing a category and many more. Material News will help you to convert your WordPress based website to a fully customizable Material Design based application. It has 15 predefined themes and customizable grid on the Home Screen, where you can set up how many articles per... Read The Rest →

All of our iOS applications are now supporting 64-bit

We’ve just submitted the last application that still doesn’t have 64-bit support, which is mandatory, if you want to upload application to AppStore. 64-bit support became required from 1st of February 2015. Here is the list of the apps that we have updated: iOS Hotel App, iOS Joke App Template, iOS Ultimate WordPress App – Posts and Pages, WordPress News App and iOS RSS News (waiting for approval).  

We are starting the iOS version of our Recipe App

We are so excited to disclose, that we are starting work on the iOS version of  our Recipe App. After analysis, we’ve decided that exactly this app deserves to have iOS version and we hope that all of our customers will be very happy. We plan to develop it for, approximately, two months, but of course we will try our best to finish the development even faster.  The iOS version will be based on Swift and we plan to support iOS 7 and iOS 8. Stay tuned for more info…

New Product: Material App for Fortunes, Quotes or Jokes

We are proud to announce our next product named Material App for Fortunes, Quotes or Jokes. It’s Android application based on the latest trends of Material Design, introduced by Google with the newest Android 5.0 Lollipop. This app will give you an option to display any kind of text like fortunes, inspirational quotes, jokes or whatever you want in the spirit of Material Design. We have included 10 built-in themes: Green (Default), Light-Green, Blue, Light-Blue, Dark-Blue, Orange, Red, Silver, Purple and Pink. Of course you can create yours. All texts... Read The Rest →

Flat News for Android has been approved and now is available at

Our portfolio has just extended! Flat News for Android joined the other products, that are already part of our exciting portfolio. If we have to say the number loudly – it’s 26. Now everyone, with WordPress based website, has one additional option to present their business within Google Play Store. Quick tutorial: As stated, the Flat News for Android is already available at for 25$ / per regular license. More information about the product you can find here

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