Our next product is fact – Multipurpose Creative Store for Android

It took us a lot of work in terms of design and development, but it’s ready and already available on CodeCanyon.net We believe this is the most sophisticated app we’ve ever built, because it includes not only an Android app, but Administration Panel as well. We’ve tried to close the cycle and to provide end-to-end solution, where you can manage everything without complex procedures or endless obstacles in terms of set up. And here it is, Multipurpose Creative Store. It is a native app for Android, which comes with easy to... Read The Rest →

It’s time to increase our ‘happy’ number to 38 – our next app is online

Our next app, iOS Parallax News, has been just approved and is available for purchasing. It’s under number 38 in our portfolio and we believe we did really great job. It’s clear from the name, that it’s for iOS and we’ve tried to incorporate the ‘trendy’ parallax effect. The app has alternative simple view along with the parallax. The app is developed and powered by Swift language, which guarantees clean structure and high performance. iOS Parallax News is closely integrated with WordPress platform, which means that all blog owners could... Read The Rest →

We have released Night Club/Bar apps both for Android and iOS

We are glad to notify you that we’ve just released the Android version of our Night Club/Bar app, which is already available for iOS. This way all potential customers that want to have a mobile app for their Night Clubs or Bars, will be able to cover almost the whole mobile market. We aim to provide as easy as possible set up and we managed again – with a single data source, you will be able to maintain both apps. Almost to forget, we integrated SoundCloud in our apps and... Read The Rest →

After deep analysis, we’ve decided to integrate OneSignal for Push Notifications

Past week has been full of thoughts and regrets about Parse. Of course, that fact didn’t prevent us to think about the future and how to move on after the controversial decision. Let’s get to the point, the winner after our deep analysis is OneSignal. We’ve integrated it successfully to our Mobile Shop with Push Notifications app and the tests have been successful. We will give it a little bit more time, when we talk about testing and then we will continue with the replacement of Parse. Our plans is... Read The Rest →

Parse.com is shutting down their cloud services

Today, we have been notified by email that Parse.com is shutting down. We have a difficult announcement to make. Beginning today we’re winding down the Parse service, and Parse will be fully retired after a year-long period ending on January 28, 2017. Because of this fact, we took hard decision to remove our Multipurpose Creative Store apps for Android and iOS from CodeCanyon.net, because they are closely integrated with Parse.com. It hasn’t been an easy decision, but we did it in order to avoid any misleading to our future buyers. Parse.com... Read The Rest →

37! Yes, we have new app and it’s iOS Multipurpose Creative Store

It’s time to announce our next product, under number 37, for Envato Market. It’s named iOS Multipurpose Creative Store and can be purchased from CodeCanyon.net | iOS Multipurpose Creative Store. As you know, we have already released such app for Android. This way, you could easily cover not only iOS but Android market as well. The app is closely integrated with Parse Framework and all of your products will be handled there – add, remove or edit. It has ability to organize the products in 2-level categories (parent – child). In addition,... Read The Rest →

36! That’s the number of our next product at Envato.

We are so proud to introduce you our next product for Android. It’s our 36th app at Envato and its name is Creative Furniture Store. Description Creative Furniture Store is app for Android which will let you extend your business with a nice native mobile application. The app is closely integrated with Parse Framework and all of your products will be handled there – add, remove or edit. It has ability to organise the products in 2-level categories (parent – child). In addition, Offline Mode is available as well as... Read The Rest →

This week’s featured author is dmbTeam

dmbTeam made it to the Authors’ Hall of Fame! We are extremely excited of the fact, that Envato decided to honor our work and to feature us at CodeCanyon.net. This will boost our passion up and we will put even more efforts in delivering quality products.   For sure this will result in better apps, because now we are some kind of “obligated” not to disappoint the trust, we’ve received. Stay tuned at CodeCanyon for our next products – we are pretty sure you will love them.

Our next product is live and you can enjoy it on CodeCanyon.net

We want to say it loud: “Thirty”! This is the number of our next product released on CodeCanyon.net. Its name is City Guide – Sleep, Eat, Enjoy  and it will allow you to create a city guide or travel guide app for almost every city in the world. The app is inspired by latest trends in Material Design and it comes with a detailed documentation, where you can find everything you need, in order to set it up and to customize it according to your needs.

New Product: Back to Location – Find your Hotel, Car or Other

Twenty eight! We are so excited to announce our next product (28) for Envato Market. It’s named Back to Location – Find your Hotel, Car or Other and it will help you to remember, for example, your Hotel’s or Car’s position and to get back to it later, if you are out for a walk. Of course you could use it in various situations. It’s for Android and we have used Android Studio to create the app. The app is inspired by the principles of Material Design and is bundled with detailed... Read The Rest →

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